Having been through the experience of managing a law firm for more than 30 years collectively, WWLegal.com’s founding team have pooled their resources to create a system for solving legal cases that caters to the needs and wants of both the legal practitioner and their clients.

This system harnesses the power of the World Wide Web, reaching out and delivering solutions for legal issues to the community of lawyers and the people they serve. The result: a winning combination of legal skills with instant access for lawyers and clients alike.

WWLegal.com is the cornerstone of the effort to start a community that knows and cares about the rights of every individual; a community that solves problems with a touch of humanity.

WWLegal.com has devised a faster and easier way to administer the legal process. Clients can engage lawyers who are specialised to handle their particular needs. Lawyers can receive the appropriate and relevant information for a clearer legal analysis. For ease of administration, a highly acclaimed legal case-management software is also available online for both lawyers and their clients to track progress.

As we succeed as a community, the benefits for everyone are:

(a) for the client:

  • lower costs for legal services
  • a faster, more convenient method of engaging a lawyer
  • connection to a suitable lawyer for your needs
  • better understanding of the legal process

(b) for the lawyer:

  • lower costs of running an office
  • a more efficient case-management system
  • more fees earned as a result of handling more cases
  • prompt receipt of payments

(c) for the whole community:

  • every one is more aware of their rights and duties – the rule of law becomes meaningful for all in solving everyday problems.

Our Goal

WWLegal wants to get everyone involved by providing information, feedback, discussions, and developing better tools with technology so WWLegal.com will become the first place that anyone with legal issues turns to. With the encouragement of the IDA, the support and contribution of over 100 law firms, the ingenuity of our technology partners, and the strong desire for social justice in Singapore, we must succeed in this mission. “Connecting the entire legal community through better, faster, more cost-effective tools which empower learning, feedback and discussion of legal issues making us the first place to go for anyone seeking legal advice.”

As a demonstration of WWLegal.com’s commitment to the community, proceeds from our launch went to our supported charities.

We have also listed some media reports about us.